Dr David Rattray

On the 15th April 2008, Dr. Peter Rattray received an honourary Doctorate from the University of KwaZulu Natal on behalf of his son. Dr Rattray said the degree was one of the best tributes to a man “..who loved South Africa unreservedly. David had lived among Zulu people most of his life and was steeped in Zulu history and could speak the language.”

On presenting the honorary degree, vice-chancellor Professor Dasarath Chetty said David Rattray had been a brilliant and extraordinary orator who shared his deep love and passion for the environment, Zulu culture and the country through his work. “The University of KwaZulu Natal is privileged and takes immense pride in honouring this unique individual, whose work symbolised the very essence of African scholarship.”

David’s mother, Gillian Rattray, his wife Nicky and three sons Andrew, Douglas and Peter were also present at the ceremony. Nicky said she was “extremely proud that the university saw fit to honour David in this way.”

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