Nature Walks and Birding

Fugitives’ Drift Lodge and Guest House are nestled amid the green slopes of the 2500-hectare Fugitives’ Drift Private Nature Reserve.

The reserve is home to an abundance of indigenous flora and fauna species, including zebra,
giraffe, wildebeest, and several different kinds of antelope. There are also over three hundred species of bird, including African fish eagle, bald ibis, African hoopoe, white-backed vulture, red-capped robin chat, buff-streaked chat, olive bush shrike, purple-crested turaco, African hornbill, paradise fly-catcher – and so many more!

Many of these animals can be encountered on a guided walk with one of our trained field guides, who have an extensive knowledge of all aspects of the African bushveld. The guided tours take guests along scenic walking trails through the reserve surrounds, while focusing attention on the vegetation, spoor, game (large and small), birds, insects, medicinal properties of certain plants, and other interesting facts.

Guests can experience the diversity of our reserve safely on foot as a relaxed and informative activity – the duration and distance of the walks can be tailored to suit your individual walking preference, but generally last for 2 hours.

Kindly note that while our guided walks can usually be booked on-site, it is best to book in advance to ensure availability of a guide.


R 315 per person

If you would prefer to walk without a guide, it is perfectly safe to do so – get a map and a
bottle of water from reception and explore! There is no charge for unguided walks.