The Harford Library

Fugitives’ Drift Lodge is an exciting and unique destination for team building workshops and conferences.

Nestled in the rolling hills and dramatic mountains of Zululand, the scenery itself offers inspiration. Our flagship tours to Isandlwana and Rorkes Drift put into stark reality the importance of teamwork. Using lessons drawn from the battles, team leaders can highlight the importance of communication within and between teams and departments, reacting to rapidly developing scenarios, the importance of adopting new tactics and methods, and – of course – never underestimating the competition!

Aside from the tours, the conference venue, the Harford Library, is unique. It is an impressive and adaptable building, perched on the mountainside overlooking the Buffalo River gorge, with breath-taking panoramic views over the mountains. The Harford Library comes equipped with air-conditioning, a projector and screen, as well as a surround sound system. The interior can be arranged to suit the needs of our delegates.

The Fugitives’ Trail is our team building event. It is a 10km long hike along the path taken by the desperate British soldiers as they tried to fight their way back to safety. The sad trail of graves puts into harsh reality the cost of failure. This is a relatively challenging walk, involving some hills and a river crossing. This Buffalo River crossing at the end requires both teamwork and leadership skills.

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Events at The Harford Library 

The old dining room at the Lodge, now our museum, has always proved a huge asset to our often-complimented atmosphere and houses a remarkable collection of Zulu War memorabilia; it will always be our centrepiece. Complementing this, a new venue, the Harford Library, has been built within the grounds of the Lodge.

With incredible views over the Buffalo River Gorge and the mountain of Isandlwana, the Harford Library offers a fantastic venue for friends who wish to relax and celebrate, or for executive groups to meet and contemplate the important business lessons which can be drawn from these remarkable stories.

The Harford Library has the capacity to seat 34 guests and has a dedicated kitchen, wireless internet access and an integrated audio/visual system: the possibilities are endless.

From lunches and parties to corporate entertaining and think-tanks, the Harford Library will add yet another string to Fugitives’ Drift’s already powerful bow.


R2 350 per day


Henry “Charlie” Harford

Charlie Harford was David Rattray’s favourite personality in his tales of the Anglo-Zulu War. He referred to him as “our beloved beetle-collector”. Harford, born in 1852, emigrated to Pinetown, Natal, with his father in 1864. He went back to England in 1870 to join the 99th Regiment of Foot then returned to Natal in 1878, becoming, thanks to his fluency in Zulu, Staff Officer to Commandant Lonsdale of the Natal Native Contingent. Harford’s particular appeal to David was his keen interest in entomology – the subject of David’s degree – and he is probably best remembered for stopping the skirmish at Sihayo’s Stronghold in order to retrieve a rare beetle and pickle it in gin.



“From lunches and parties to corporate entertaining and think-tanks, the Harford Library will add yet another string to Fugitives’ Drift’s already powerful bow”

An Experience Not to be Missed and Never Forgotten…