Recommended Itineraries

We recommend a three night stay, as this allows you to do the two flagship tours in the correct historical order, without doing them on the same day.

On a 1 night stay, we recommend that you arrive before 1pm in order to join the afternoon tour to Rorke’s Drift. You would then do the Isandlwana tour the following morning and depart either after lunch or directly after the tour.

On a 2 night stay, you may choose whether to join the tour to Rorke’s Drift on the afternoon of your arrival or to wait until the following afternoon and undertake the tours in the correct historical order.

On a 3 night stay, you may split the tours and go to Isandlwana on the morning after your arrival and Rorke’s Drift on your second afternoon, thereby having the time to relax and enjoy other activities.

A four-night stay is perfectly suited to those who would like to see a little more than Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift, or for those who are keen to spend a day relaxing and enjoying everything the lodge and guest house have to offer.