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Blood River Tours

Aside from our flagship tours to Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift, we do offer various tours to other battlefields in the greater area.

Kindly note that these additional tours are subjected to the availability of a guide, and do need to be booked in advance.

We also have numerous trails around our 5000 acre game reserve, offering our guests the options of doing guided or unguided nature walks. These do not need to be booked in advance.


The Fugitives’ Trail

If you are a keen walker, it is possible to spend a morning doing the Fugitives’ Trail from Isandlwana back to Fugitives’ Drift Lodge. This guided walk is roughly 5 miles and, depending on the state of the Buffalo River, may involve some swimming. The walk traverses some rough terrain, so should only be undertaken by those who are relatively fit. The Fugitives’ Trail walk is an excellent addition to the two flagship tours.

Cost 2020 – R 450 per person
Cost 2021 – Our 2021 rates have not yet been released.


The Fugitives’ Trail


Blood River

Another exciting excursion is to Blood River. This is where a battle was fought between the Boers and the Zulus on the 16th December (now a public holiday in South Africa), 1838. This trip is well worth the drive: 64 life-sized solid bronze wagons now sit on the site of the battle and are quite remarkable.

Cost 2020 – R 3500 per tour, max 10 people
Cost 2021 – Our 2021 rates have not yet been released.


The Prince Imperial Site

Another place that brings the course of the bitter Zulu War of 1879 to mind is the place where Eugène Louis Joseph Napoleon Bonaparte, Prince Imperial of France and the last remaining Bonaparte, was killed by the Zulus on 1 June, 1879. A monument marks the site amongst the hills on the course of the Itshotshozi River. This trip can be added on to the Blood River tour.

Cost 2020 – R 3500 per tour, max 10 people.
Cost 2021 – Our 2021 rates have not yet been released.


Mangeni Falls

Another possible trip is to the beautiful Mangeni Falls, where Lord Chelmsford found himself during the battle of Isandlwana. This is an incredibly scenic tour; one can take in some of the remarkable geography surrounding Isandlwana.

Cost 2020 – R 3000 per tour, max 8 people
Cost 2021 – Our 2021 rates have not yet been released



We also offer a trip to Masondo, which is a short drive and then a walk away, to see where the Zulu Army crossed the Buffalo River in their way back to attack Rorke’s Drift.

Cost 2020 – R 1500 per tour, max 8 people
Cost 2021 – Our 2021 rates have not yet been released.


Hlobane and Kambula

The battle of Hlobane is unique in British history as it was one of the earliest battles where the British force was entirely mounted. This ill-fated expedition was to drive the AbaQulusi of the Zulus off their magnificent mountain stronghold. The ensuing action left at least two hundred men on the British side dead, while the number of Zulus who lost their lives will sadly never be known. The tour to Hlobane entails a drive through some of the most beautiful areas of Zululand. The tour to Hlobane is a full day tour.

The battle of Kambula was fought on the 29th of March 1879. A 20 000 strong force of Zulu warriors attacked a fortified British army of 2000 men. The ensuing battle lasted for three desperate hours and saw the Zulus breaching the British laager, causing some anxious moments for the hard-pressed defenders. The British finally prevailed and would pressure the retiring Zulus for the remainder of the day. The tide of the Zulu war had turned, and at least 2000 Zulu warriors had lost their lives. In the aftermath of Kambula one Victoria Cross and two Distinguished Conduct medals were awarded. The tour to Kambula is a full day tour.

Although we recommend doing these tours on separate days, so as to really do the battlefields justice, the tours may be combined and done together in one day

Individual Tour 2020 – R7 500 per vehicle with a maximum of four guests
Both Tours 2020 – R10 050 per vehicle with a maximum of four guests

Both of these tours are subject to the availability of a guide, and must be booked in advance.



Guided Walks at Fugitives’ Drift

Fugitives Drift Lodge and Guest House are nestled amid the green slopes of the 2500-hectare Fugitives Drift Nature Reserve. The reserve is home to an abundance of indigenous flora and fauna species, including zebra, giraffe, different kind of antelope and approximately 300 species of bird. Many of these can be encountered on a guided walk with one of our trained field guides.

Our informative guides are certified with the Field Guide Association of South Africa and have an extensive knowledge of all aspects of our African bushveld. The guided tours take guests along scenic walking trails through the reserve surrounds, while focusing attention on the vegetation, spoor, game (large and small!), birds, insects, medicinal properties and other fascinating facts.

Guests can experience the diversity of our reserve safely on foot as a relaxed and informative activity – the duration and distance of the walks can be tailored to suit guest’s individual walking preference, but generally last for 2 hours, covering 2 or 3 km.

Please note that while our guided walks can usually be booked on-site, it is best to book in advance to ensure availability.

Guided Nature Walks

Cost 2020 – R 240 per person


Fugitives Drift Nature Reserve


Mountain Biking

For keen cyclists, we have an ever-expanding network of single track ranging from flat to steep, technical to not-so technical, and we also have several Jeep tracks (two- track). One of the perks of cycling on our property is viewing the array of plains game such as giraffe, zebra, blesbok, wildebeest, impala and many more. Note however that Fugitives’ Drift does not provide bikes.

Mountain Biking at Fugitives Drift


Fly Fishing

For those keen on fly fishing, our game reserve is bordered by the Buffalo River Gorge and provides a fantastic fishing spot. Spend a morning in spectacular and tranquil surroundings, fishing for Natal Yellow Fish. Our guide ties all of the custom-made flies to the line for you, and is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced.

Natal Yellowfish, also affectionately known as Scaly (Yellowfish), are a freshwater fish endemic to eastern South Africa, and KZN in particular. They can grow up to 65cm in length and weigh up to 4.5kg. The are an incredibly strong fighting fish, and readily take a well drifted fly.

Kindly note that our fishing guide is outsourced, and so fishing trips must be booked in advance. Fishing in the Buffalo River is also season dependent and can only be done between May and October (with the best time being June – September).

Please also note that all fishing is strictly catch-and-release.

Rate: R995 per person, including fly rod, reel, fly line, leader, and flies. Flies are custom tied for guests and are on barbless hooks.

Cost 2020 – R 995 per person

Rates include fly rod, reel, fly line, leader, and flies. Flies are custom tied for guests and are on barbless hooks.

Fly Fishing at Fugitives Drift