The David Rattray Foundation

A David Rattray initiative to educate the youth of today for a better tomorrow

Having established Fugitive’s Drift Lodge, Nicky and David recognised the desperate need in the surrounding rural communities of Rorke’s Drift and Isandlwana where most families, up to 60%, live below the poverty line and rely on social grants.

Apart from offering employment in the area, the Rattray family wanted to do more. In South Africa, social responsibility is an important part of any business – and even more so within rural communities. As a responsible employee, the family want the best for their employees and by extension their families.

In David Rattray’s words – “without education there is no hope, without hope there is no future.” It was therefore natural for support from Fugitive’s Drift Lodge to focus on supporting and improving the education of the children in the community.

Initially, the project supported local infrastructure – repairing school buildings and providing classrooms, halls, libraries, and ablution facilities.

Learning of the work being done, guests at the lodge and family friends offered additional support and KHULA Education was established and broadened its scope of support. With the infrastructure needs largely met, focus shifted to teaching and education.

Today, we employ a  dedicated team of educators who work directly with the learners and the teachers – enabling us to achieve even more.

KHULA is an isiZulu word, meaning ‘to grow’.   And that’s exactly what we do – we partner with schools in our community, making a lasting commitment to support and improve the quality of education for the children from their pre-school years through to graduation. We also work with the teachers, extending their skills and providing teaching tools where necessary .

KHULA Education currently works with 20 rural schools in Rorke’s Drift and Isandlwana.

Our approach is built on four key focus areas

  • Early childhood development
  • Curriculum support interventions for teachers and principals
  • Maths and English education
  • Life skills development and job readiness

We have seen the positive impact of this important work over the past 15 years. We know that with a quality education we can bring lasting and meaningful change to the lives of the people in our community.

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