Fly Fishing

The Fugitives’ Drift reserve is bordered by the Buffalo River Gorge: picture 17km of river with plentiful scenic and tranquil fishing spots. Spend a morning, an afternoon, or even an entire day in spectacular surroundings, fishing for Natal Yellow Fish. 

Natal Yellowfish, also affectionately known as Scaly (Yellowfish), are a freshwater fish endemic to eastern South Africa – and KZN in particular. They can grow up to 65cm in length and weigh up to 4.5kg. They are an incredibly strong fish, and readily take to a well-drifted fly.

Our outsourced fishing guide ties all of the custom-made lies to the line for you, and is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced.

Kindly note that as our guide is outsourced, guided fishing trips must be booked in advance. If you have your own rod and a 4×4 to get down to the fishing spots along the river, you are welcome to fish unguided. Fishing in the Buffalo River is season dependent, and can only really be done between May and October (with the best time being June-September). All fishing is strictly catch-and-release.

Rate on request – please get in touch for more information.