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Book The Battle of Isandlwana,

The Day of the Dead Moon

with Douglas Rattray in London, 2 June 2020


Book The Battle of Rorke’s Drift,

The Immortal Defence

with Douglas Rattray in London, 3 June 2020



The Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 is famous throughout the English-speaking world for the great battles of Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift. The spectacular Fugitives’ Drift property, a 5000 acre Natural Heritage Site, overlooks both Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift, and includes the site where Lieutenants Melvill and Coghill lost their lives attempting to save the Queen’s Colour of their regiment.
Take part in Fugitives’ Drift’s awe-inspiring battlefield tours, which bring the battles of Rorke’s Drift and Isandlwana to life, leaving one with a deep and tangible insight into some of the most moving of South Africa’s battlefields.
Five star accommodation, world-class battlefield tours, abundant game and birdlife, superb food and wine, and breathtaking views out over Zululand and the battlefields make for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Fugitives Drift Lodge Accommodation


Our five star lodge is the most luxurious of all of our accommodation options; each spacious room has an en-suite bathroom with both inside and outside showers, air-conditioning, a mini-fridge, and a veranda with views of the plains flanking the Buffalo River gorge. Meals are taken communally in the large dining room, or – weather permitting – out on the deck. The lodge also houses the Harford Library, Fugitives’ Drift Museum, and a swimming pool.


Guest house rooms are comfortable, and individually decorated. They have ceiling fans, en-suite bathrooms, and verandas with views out into the garden and onto the indigenous bushveld. The guest house boasts a sparkling pool and relaxing garden. The original farmhouse has been altered, and now forms a charming sitting and dining room, where meals are taken communally.


The farmhouse is a charming stone and corrugated iron roof building built in the 1920’s. It was the home of George Buntting, who was an expert on the Anglo-Zulu War. The farmhouse is at the top of the reserve and has a wonderful view of Isandlwana. It has 3 en-suite bedrooms, a sitting room with a fire place, a dining room, and a kitchen. Although the accommodation is self-catering, guests may choose to have some or all meals at the lodge at an additional cost.

Isandlwana Tours


Fugitives’ Drift is renowned for its battlefield tours to all the Anglo-Zulu War battle sites in the region. Our flagship tours to Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift are led by our registered tour guides Douglas Rattray, Andrew Rattray,  Mphiwa Ntanzi & Bryan Mcube.

Melvill & Coghill Graves


Visit the graves of Lieutenants Melvill and Coghill who lost their lives in an attempt to save the Queen’s Colour, earning the first two posthumous Victoria Crosses ever awarded.

Tour Guides


Fugitives’ Drift is world-renowned for moving, passionate, detailed and remarkable battlefield tours to Rorke’s Drift and Isandlwana. Our tours to the battlefields were first conducted by David Rattray in 1990.He quickly gained international recognition for his unique story-telling abilities.David was often supported by other lecturers who benefited from his knowledge and experience.

Fairview House


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Fugitives' Drift's Lockdown Lowdown

Note - our office hours are currently Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 2pm. Please get in touch via email (reservations@fugitivesdrift.com) after hours. Emergency after hours numbers: Doug 0837062121 or Nicky 0833098247

Post no. 3 - April, 3 2020

A Lodge Without Guests

There is a long-standing joke in the hospitality industry about how wonderful it would be to have a lodge with no guests. The vision: peacefully enjoying stunning scenery, fantastic facilities, delicious food, the extensive gin bar, gigantic fluffy beds, lie-ins, sipping MCC on the deck of the Harford Library, outside showers overlooking Zululand, swims in the pool, and no guests to cook and do laundry for, to give free reign over the pool to, or asking for spiders to be removed from their rooms.

Oh, how we will never be able to make that joke again!

The dark reality of a lodge with no guests is, quite simply, a lodge with no income. The reality is walking past a quiet, dark kitchen to come down to a quiet, empty office each morning. We can’t hear Grace singing, and meal-times are far less social affairs.

A week in, however, and we are starting to get used to this temporary new way of life.

We have started once again to appreciate - after several weeks of worry and late nights - the sunsets, the giraffe, the mountain of Isandlwana being illuminated by the five o’clock light each day, the flowers in the gardens, and the Trumpeter Hornbill who comes to visit every morning.

We have had tea together on the lawn, and a gin and tonic at the bar. We are keeping busy by walking the dogs, catching up on administration and maintenance work, and ensuring that we do not have contact with the world outside of our closed gates. We are taking every step to prepare for the day that the gates can be re-opened – we will be ready for business as usually, whenever that may be.

We cannot wait until the day that guests drive through the gates once more. We look forward to jovial meal-times, drinks and stories around the fire, and even to responding to sometimes irksome questions! We also cannot wait to get back out on the battlefields of Kwa-Zulu Natal, to remember the stories of the brave men who fought and lay buried.

In the meanwhile, Douglas is working on quite an exciting new project (aside from Daisy’s new chicken house!) and is looking at telling stories from afar, via the internet that we recently had upgraded for our guests to enjoy...watch this space.

As the world around us changes, so do these posts.

Fugitives Drift Lodge