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Game Reserve

This part of KwaZulu Natal and the battlefields, indeed the whole region, are characterised by the most remarkable geography which, to quote David Rattray, “literally leaps out of the pages of She and Nada the Lilly…”. This geography, which was certainly enough to inspire Sir Henry Rider Haggard, is just as awe-inspiring to our guests today.

Both the Lodge and Guest House lie within the 5,000 acre Fugitives’ Drift Game Reserve which is a registered Natural Heritage Site and is teeming with wildlife.  We have over 250 species of birds on the property, ranging from the Purple-crested Lourie to the Yellow Weaver, many of which can be seen from the comfort of your veranda.

Our four horses are as comfortable around the giraffe as they are the zebra and wildebeest; a horse ride through the reserve will offer the most fantastic views of this remarkable property and its flora and fauna.

A walk down to Fugitives’ Drift on the Buffalo River will afford an opportunity not only to swim in pools and rapids, but also to try your hand at a spot of fishing.  The 22km river frontage offers superb fishing.

Game walks, horse riding and hiking are all available.


Giraffe, zebra, kudu, nyala, impala, blesbok, wildebeest,waterbuck, hartebeest, duiker, mountain reed buck, bushbuck, jackal, karakul, porcupines and monkeys.